POLAND - You will be serving in Poznan, a beautiful town in central Poland. You will learn about the culture and try out some Polish phrases as you learn ways to share Jesus with people around you while working alongside Polish believers.  You will have the opportunity to work with middle schoolers excited to learn from native English speakers. You will learn so much from the local team of Americans living in Poznan as they guide you through what it means to truly serve in a culture where less than (0.3%) of the population knows Jesus. You will have lots of independence as you stay in an apartment with other young adults, take the local trams and have time to explore, try the food and simply enjoy the beauty and history of the area. If you choose to go during the school year, you will have the opportunity to interact with local university students and share about Jesus in a relaxed setting, such as a coffee shop. (Students are not threatened by new ideas, but eager to hear them and love to be with Americans, so this is an exciting opportunity!)

2020 Trip Cost:  $3,900 Plus Airfare