PHILIPPINES - You will be in the bustling city of Manila serving with Global Surge, a church planting organization that trains leaders to reach the world through camps, sports ministries, feeding centers, and much more. You will be assigned to projects as needs arise and your talents and interests fit the needs. You may work in a neighborhood reaching out to local children on the street. You may help run a basketball or music ministry. You may help a magic ministry, feeding center, or even help with graphic design if you have that talent. If you are there in the spring, you can help run the camp ministry. Regardless of the project, you will learn to love the culture and the people as they will make you feel welcome with fun and humor. An independent spirit is a requirement for this opportunity as you will be living in an apartment with other young adults and be cooking some of your own food. (Or ordering your own take-out!)

2020 Trip Cost:  $2,500 Plus Airfare